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  • Canon A1 Black / 1984 Olympics

    Stunning film SLR from the golden age of film photography - in a rare 1984 Olympics trim! Near-mint condition Canon A1 body - you'd be hard pressed to find signs of use on this camera. Even the bottom panel is pristine, not a scratch! Shutter fires perfectly at all speeds, film transport, timer and meter all work as designed. Mirror release mechanism is squeak-free. Viewfinder and focusing screen are pristine. Lettering on the dials is clear and bright. Original leatherette is in excellent shape. Battery door is intact and functional. Light seals and mirror guard are original and in very good shape, but can be replaced at buyer's request for $25 extra. The body of this camera comes with original Canon finger grip, viewfinder eyecup and a genuine Canon 1984 Olympics camera strap.

    This camera comes with three lenses in EXC++ condition:

    Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 normal prime
    Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 telephoto zoom
    Tokina 2x teleconverter

    All lenses have clear optics, no fungus or scratches. The barrels are very clean and show negligible wear. Both Canon lenses come with UV filters (rare genuine Canon 52mm filter on the 50mm lens!) , as well as original Canon front and rear caps. This bundle also includes a Vivitar 5200 Zoom Thyristor flash unit (excellent condition, fully functional), complete set of factory manuals for everything (including all lenses and the flash), softshell case for the zoom lens and a generic camera case. Value loaded set, rare Olympics branded pieces, exceptional made-in-Japan build quality, outstanding condition - do not miss it.


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