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  • Canon A1 Black / 1980 Olympics

    One of the best SLRs from the golden age of film photography - Canon A1 in a rare 1980 Olympics trim! Body of the camera is in Exc condition Canon A1 body - no dents or major scratches, just a small amount of brassing next to strap lugs. Shutter fires properly at all speeds, film transport, timer and meter all work as designed. Mirror release mechanism has been lubricated and is squeak-free. Viewfinder and focusing screen are bright and clear of dust. Lettering on the dials is sharp and clean. Original leatherette is in excellent shape. Battery door is intact and functional. Brand new light seals and mirror guard were just installed ($25 value). The camera comes with original Canon finger grip and viewfinder eyecup, as well as a good quality aftermarket camera strap .

    This particular camera is equipped with Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 prime lens in EXC++ condition. Outstanding lens, fast and sharp, made in Japan. Glass is clean and clear, no scratches or fungus. Aperture is oil-free and snappy. Minimal signs of wear on the barrel, no paint loss or dents. The lens comes with Tiffen Sky filter and a rare 1980 Winter Olympics Canon front cap.

    This bundle also includes a Canon Speedlite 155A flash unit and Canon power film Winder A - both in excellent condition and fully functional (batteries not provided). Original factory manuals for the camera and winder and and a remote release cord are included. Nice quality padded Kodak camera bag will fit everything inside. Finally we will throw in a second lens for the camera - a Tokina 35-135mm zoom (untested). Don't miss this value-loaded Canon film SLR kit with a fast lens - perfect for advanced amateur film shooter.


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