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  • Canon AE1 Chrome


    Canon AE-1 in near mint condition with two lenses and a flash. Robust film camera, great alternative to Pentax K1000 as a student or beginner. Classic outstanding Canon built quality.


    Shutter, timer, meter and film transport all work properly. Shutter is squeak-free. Light seals and mirror guard were just replaced ($25 value).


    Near mint. No dents or paint loss. Bright and clean lettering on the dials. Focusing screen and viewfinder are bright and dust-free. Battery door is intact. Original leatherette is in excellent shape.



    • Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 S.C. prime lens. Near mint condition, glass is scratch-free, no fungus. Aperture blades have traces of oil, which doesnt seem to impede operation in any way. The barrel of the lens shows practically no visible wear, no dents or scratches, all lettering is bright. New generic front cap is included.
    • Tou/Five Star 35-75mm zoom lens (untested). Fair cosmetic condition, with some coating loss on the front element, but no visible scratches. The barrel shows minor nicks and paint loss. The lens comes with front and rear caps.
    • Sunpack power flash - excellent condition, fully working (batteries not included). Vintage camera strap and remote shutter release cord.


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