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  • Canon AE1 Black

    Black Canon AE-1. Classic Canon build quality, excellent film SLR with a needle meter indicator. Rarely available in such a nice condition - collector's item.



    Shutter, timer, meter and film transport all work properly. Shutter is squeak-free. Light seals and mirror guard are brand new.


    Excellent. This camera is much better preserved than 90% of black body AE1's that typically come up for sale. No dents. Minimal brassing on the bottom edges and near strap lugs. Film label pocket on the back is a bit scuffed up. Bright lettering on the shutter speed dial, with a few tiny scuffs next to the ASA window. Focusing screen and viewfinder are very clean, with just a couple tiny specs of dust (no effect on photo quality or camera operation). Battery door is intact. Original leatherette is in excellent shape. The camera comes with the genuine Canon camera strap, body cap and Canon camera case (rough shape, crumbling outside).



    • Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 S.C. prime lens. Earlier FD breech-lock version, in near mint condition. Glass is scratch-free, no fungus. Aperture is snappy and blades are free from oil. Focusing is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows practically no visible wear, no dents or scratches, all lettering is bright. The lens comes with a rare Canon Skylight filter and new generic front cap. Exceptional lens.


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