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Fujica AX-3

  • Fujica AX-3 Black

    Fujica AX-3 in excellent cosmetic and working condition, with a spare body included. Full manual available at


    Shutter, meter, film transport, self timer all work properly. Light seals and mirror guard have been replaced. Second (chrome-top) camera body appears to have working meter and electronics, but shutter fires at the same speed, irrespective of camera settings.

    EXC. Minor signs of use - just a little bit of brassing on the film door frame, no dents. Focusing screen and viewfinder are bright, with just a few tiny specs of dust (will not affect function). Original leatherette is in excellent condition.


    • X-Fijinon 50mm f/1.9 prime lens. Clear glass, no fungus or haze. Aperture is dry and functions properly, focus is smooth. Minor internal dust and a few faint cleaning marks on the front glass - nothing that will affect performance in any way. Comes with new generic front cap.
    • Fresh battery for one camera, vintage strap, and Fujica body cap.
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