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Fujica ST705

  • Fujica ST705 Chrome

    Another fully functional Fujica ST705, this one is a chrome body. Excellent beginner's film SLR, compact and light, made in Japan. Robust cloth shutter, excellent light-proofed mirror box. The shutter will fire without batteries.



    Shutter, film transport and timer work properly. Meter appears to respond to light, but accuracy was not verified with film. Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed ($25 value). Fresh batteries included, as well as a roll of B&W film (expired, no performance guarantees - use at your own risk!).


    Excellent, no major blemishes, just minor brassing on the film door frame. Focusing screen and viewfinder are bright and clear, with just a couple of small cleaning marks on the periphery (will not affect shooting in any way). Original leatherette is in excellent shape.



    • Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens in EXC condition. Glass is scratch-free, no fungus. Aperture is oil-free. Barrel of the lens shows minimal wear. The lens comes with a new generic front cap. NOTE: this lens doesn't have Fujinon aperture pin, so it you will have to stop down manually for metering, just like any other M42 mount lens.
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