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Fujica ST801

  • Fujica ST801 Chrome / Black Alligator

    Beautifully restored Fujica ST801 in custom pigskin leather. This particular body is a less common early production, with a raised FUJICA logo. One of the most popular and well known Fujica film cameras featuring M42 screw mount - perfect for Takumars and other manual focus lenses. Full range of mechanical shutter speeds (battery is not required!), split-prism focusing screen, built-in self timer, TTL metering (no stop-down necessary with Fujinon lenses) and gorgeous LED light meter indication in the viewfinder. Fujica ST series are well known for robust operation and a very "dark" (well light-proofed) mirror box, which helps with contrast.



    Shutter, meter, film transport and timer all work properly. Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed ($25 value). This camera body had the film advance locking lever removed, so the winder is not locked when the shutter is set. This has no effect on the operation, except that you have to remember to fire a shot, before winding film again.


    Very good, no major dents or scratches. A few tiny dents around the battery cap on the back, very minor brassing on the film door frame. Minor discoloration on the shutter curtain. Shutter speed dial has partial paint loss in one area, but the numbers are still legible. Focusing screen and viewfinder are bright and clear, with just a couple of tiny specs of dust (will not affect shooting in any way). Original leatherette was just professionally replaced with genuine pigskin leather embossed in Black Alligator pattern - this camera looks sharp!



    • EBC Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 prime lens in EXC condition. Glass is scratch-free, no fungus. Aperture is snappy and blades are free from oil. Aperture tab is intact. Barrel of the lens shows minimal wear, just a minor scuff on the outside of the front rim. Excellent prime lens, known for a smooth "bubble" bokeh. The lens comes with original Fujica front cap, HOYA UV filter and a set of 49mm Promaster close-up filters complete with dedicated case.
    • Genuine Fujica camera case (fair shape), vintage camera strap, remote shutter release cord, Sunpak Auto Zoom 600 power flash unit (works great, batteries not included) and a fresh battery for the camera meter.
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