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Fujica ST801

  • Fujica ST801 Black

    Gorgeous Black-body Fujica ST801 set with three lenses. Probably the most popular and highly rated camera in Fujica ST series. Revolutionary at the time, LED meter display in the viewfinder and a full range of mechanical shutter speeds. This camera will work wonderfully with Takumars and other high-performing M-42 (Pentax) screw-mount manual focus lenses. Fujica ST series are well known for robust operation and a very "dark" (well light-proofed) mirror box, which helps with contrast. Full user manual can be found at

    Shutter, meter, film transport and self-timer work properly (accuracy of the meter has not been verified with film). Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed.

    MINT-. No major blemishes or dents, very minor brassing on the corners of the film door. Focusing screen and viewfinder are pristine. Original leatherette is in excellent shape. Rarely found in such nice shape.


    • EBC Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 prime lens. Near-mint condition, scratch-free glass, no fungus. Aperture is dry and snappy. Focus is smooth. Barrel of the lens shows minimal wear. The lens comes with Uv filter and generic front cap. High quality prime lens, known for outstanding bubble bokeh.
    • Asahi Super Takumar 200mm f/4 telephoto lens, with both original caps, hood and case. The lens has scratch-free, fungus free glass, but there is some internal dust. Case is in fair shape.
    • Teleconverter lens with dedicated case (untested). New vintage camera strap, facotry manual and a fresh battery for the camera.
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