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Fujica ST901

  • Fujica ST901 Chrome

    One of the latest and most advanced cameras featuring "M42" lens mount, this Fujica ST901 in fully functional and in excellent cosmetic condition. Pinnacle of the Fujica line back in 1974 ($275 back then - over $1,300 in today's dollars), with a stepless electronic shutter and numerical LED shutter speed display in the viewfinder. Perfect camera body for high-quality Fujinons, as well as for Takumars, Helios and other manual focus M42 screw mount lenses. Fujica ST series are well known for robust operation and a very "dark" (well light-proofed) mirror box, which helps with contrast. Full user manual can be found at


    Shutter, meter and film transport all work as designed (accuracy of the meter has not been verified with film). Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed ($29 value). NOTE: self-timer is not triggering mirror release (resets the shutter fine). this could fix itself with consistent use, or may require service.

    EXC++. No dents or major cosmetic blemishes, just minor corrosion inside the battery cover and some discoloration on the shutter curtain - nothing that will affect function. Bright and sharp lettering on the dial. Focusing screen and viewfinder are dust-free. Original leatherette is in excellent condition.


    • Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 prime lens. Near-mint condition, with crystal-clear glass, no scratches or fungus. Aperture is snappy, blades are oil-free. Focusing is smooth. The barrel shows practically no signs of use. The lens comes with 49/52mm filter adapter, Hoya Skylight filter and a new generic front cap. Exceptional quality lens, known for its beautiful bubble bokeh.
    • Vivitar Auto Thyristor 3500 power flash (looks and works great, batteries not included). Brand new camera strap. A fresh battery and a roll of film (expired, use at your own risk).
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