H/K TD292 cassette decks

H/K TD292 cassette decks


H/K TD292 decks

  • H/K TD292

    Pair of H/K TD292 cassette decks, serviced and working.
    All leakage-prone electrolytic capacitors were replaced with fresh audio-grade Nichicon/Elna caps. Capstan motor speed adjusted to spec. Belts and idler are in good shape and do not need replacing at this time. W/F is within spec. Transport and heads cleaned and demagnetized. All functions (PLAY/ FF/REW/RECORD/PAUSE) were tested and verified to work.


    NOTE: VU meters in both decks have several dead segments (some of the LEDs don't light up). This is very common in this model and others utilizing the same part. Everything else works perfectly. You can still record fine ! (99% of tapes will record great from any CD with the level slider set between 3 and 4).Cosmetically both decks are 8.5/10. Couple of small scratches, minor paint discoloration on the front panel (mostly top edge), a few small scuffs on the top - nothing dramatic, all pretty consistent with age. Beautiful Champagne face plate finish. No remote, manual, tape or other accessories included. Made in Japan around 1986. Shipping included. No returns.