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  • Minolta X-370 Chrome

    Minolta X-370 film SLR in great condition. Fully working, excellent starter or student film camera, easy to use with a bright viewfinder.


    Shutter, meter, film transport, timer all work properly. Light seals are original and in good shape, but can be replaced at customer's request for $25 extra.


    Near mint. No scratches, paint loss or dents. Focusing screen and viewfinder are dust free and bright. Original leatherette is in excellent condition.



    • Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 prime lens. Clear glass, no visible scratches or fungus. Aperture blades are free from oil. Focusing is a bit tight but smooth. No dents or scratches on the barrel. Comes with a generic front cap.
    • Minolta Auto 25 compact flash, fully working (batteries not included). Old corrosion in the battery compartment, doesn't interfere with function. Original Minolta bag for the flash. FREE BONUS: Sigma 35-105mm zoom lens (untested) with dedicated bag.
    • Factory manual, genuine Minolta camera strap and a set of fresh batteries for the camera.
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