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  • Minolta X570 Black

    Film SLR of choice by many professional photographers in yearly 80's, Minolta X-570 has many features of the flagship X-700 model, in a simpler to use, more robust package. Full user manual is available here.

    This camera is in EXC condition. A couple of shallow scuffs and some brassing on the sides of the body from normal use, no dents or cracks - please see photos. Shutter fires accurately, meter, timer, film transport all work properly. Viewfinder and focusing screen are pristine. Light seals and mirror bumper were replaced ($25 value). This camera is equipped with Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 prime lens in great shape. Glass is scratch- and fungus-free; aperture blades are free from oil, action is snappy. Practically no signs of use on the barrel. The lens comes with a Hoya Skylight filter and a generic front cap. Authentic Minolta camera strap and a set of fresh batteries for the meter are included. You get a free bonus lens in this set - Vivitar 75-205mm f/3.5 Macro-focusing zoom. The lens appears to have clear, scratch-free glass, but was not tested. Great advanced amateur camera, very bright viewfinder and a pleasure to use.


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