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  • Minolta X570 Black

    One of the two Minolta X-570 bundles we are listing for sale. Film SLR of choice by many professional photographers in yearly 80's, Minolta X-570 has many features of the flagship X-700 model, in a simpler to use, more robust package.


    This camera is in EXC+ condition. No dents or major scuffs on the body, just a few micro-scratches from normal use. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, meter, timer, film transport all work properly. Viewfinder and focusing screen are bright with just a few tiny specs of dust (zero effect on photo quality). Light seals and mirror guard were just replaced ($25 value).This camera comes with Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 lens in EXC+ shape. Second lens in this set is Tokina 100-300 mm f/5.6 long telephoto - perfect for daylight sports or birding. Both lenses are very clean, with scratch- and fungus-free glass; aperture blades free from oil and snappy, focus is smooth. Barrels are blemish-free with bright lettering on the rings. Tokina lens has some haze inside. Lens caps for both lenses are provided, and Hoya Skylight filter for the 50mm prime. The camera comes with Minolta X200 power flash in working condition with its own leather case (battery cap is a bit loose and has some old corrosion on the contacts). The flash syncs and fires properly with the camera, requires AA batteries to function (not provided). Genuine Minolta camera strap and a set of fresh batteries for the meter are included. Great advanced amateur film bundle, with Minolta famous bright viewfinder - a pleasure to use.

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