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MINOLTA X570, X700 set

  • Minolta X570/X700 set

    Two Minolta cameras with lenses: X570 and X700. Bodies are in near-mint condition, with no dents, scratches or brassing. Shutters fire accurately, meters, timers, film transports all work properly. Viewfinders and focusing screens are pristine. Light seals are brand new. two original Minolta camera straps, a body cap and 4 fresh batteries included. X700 is equipped with Minolta Rokkor-X MD 50mm f/1.4 prime lens, X570 comes with Rokkor-X 45mm f/2.0 pancake. Both lenses have scratch-free, clear glass. Aperture blades are free from oil, action is snappy. Barrels are free from blemishes. Two Hoya Skylight 1B filters, one Minolta and one generic front caps. Facotry manual for the X700 is included.


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