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  • Minolta X700 Black

    Nice Minolta X-700 bundle with two lenses, winder and a flash. Top of the line Minolta SLR of the early 80's, X-700 was the camera of choice for many semi-pro photographers. It is a final high-spec manual focus model manufactured by Minolta. Three shooting modes (including Program) and a very bright viewfinder make it very convenient to use for both amateurs and experienced film shooters.


    Shutter, meter, self-timer and film transport work properly (meter accuracy has not been verified with film). Brand new light seals and mirror bumper installed.

    EXC++. No dents or other major blemishes. One tiny scuff on the top of the prism cover, barely noticeable. Clean and sharp lettering on the dials. Focusing screen and viewfinder are very bright, with just a couple of minute specs of dust (will not affect shooting). Original leatherette is in excellent condition.


    • Minolta Rokkor-X 35-70mm f/3.5 zoom lens. EXC condition, scratch-free optics, no fungus. Aperture is snappy and blades are free from oil. Focusing is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows average wear, no dents. The lens comes with a Hoya Skylight filter and brand new generic font cap.
    • Minolta power film winder G. Fully functional and clean, no batteries included.
    • Minolta Auto 200x flash. Fully functional, no batteries included. Minor corrosion in the battery compartment.
    • Toyo 2x teleconverter with a rear cap and dedicated case. Untested, but looks good.
    • Original Minolta camera strap, factory manuals for the camera and winder and a set of fresh batteries.
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