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  • Minolta XD Black / Black Leatherette

    Rarely available in the US, XD is the flagship Minolta film SLR from late 70's. It was sold in the US as "XD11" and share a lot of design elements with Leica R4. This particular unit is in very good vintage condition. Shutter is very smooth and quiet, fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind, and meter work properly (accuracy was not verified with film). Viewfinder and focusing screen have been professionally cleaned off from dust and are essentially spotless. No dents or major scratches on the body, just a small amount of paint pitting on the top, mostly to the left of "XD" logo. Minor amount of corrosion inside the battery cap and cleaned off rust on the edge of the film door (no effect on function). Winding lever needs some help to snap back (insignificant). The decorative cap of the winding lever was carefully drilled through to facilitate removal in case of future service. Light seals and mirror bumper are brand new. Original leatherette on this camera was professionally replaced with new Pebbled Black leatherette. This camera comes with nice and fast Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58mm f/1.4 standard prime lens. Lens glass is scratch- and fungus-free. There is minor internal haze, which should not interfere with the image quality. Aperture blades are oil-free and function well. Focusing has a couple of rough spots in the middle of the focusing range, but works. Barrel of the lens shows moderate amount of paint wear, but no dents or scratches. The lens comes with a metal front cap in excellent condition. Genuine Minolta camera strap and set of fresh batteries are included.

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