• Minolta XD11 Chrome / Graphite Brown Metallic

    One of the most thought-after Minolta SLRs from late 70's for a reason - build like a tank, and full-featured. Aperture and shutter speed indicators in the viewfinder. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind and meter work properly.  A few specs of dust in the viewfinder and focusing screen, with no effect on function. This camera was refinished in a stunning Graphite Brown Metallic leather and light seals were replaced. Equipped with a very clean copy of Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7.  Lens glass is clear and free of scratches. All rings rotate smoothly, aperture blades are oil-free and funciton perfectly. Very nice unit.


    Free batteries and a roll of film with purchase!

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