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  • Minolta XD5 Chrome

    Outstanding example of Minolta SLRs from late 70's - aperture AND shutter priority modes. A solid, full featured camera in MINT condition. Shutter is very smooth and quiet, fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind, timer and meter work properly.  Just a couple of small specs of dust in the viewfinder, with no effect on function. This camera has a very well preserved original leatherette - almost no shrinkage. we can replace it with one of the leather covers in stock at customer's request, however, for just $15 extra. this body has very few signs of use - no scratches or scuffs, paint is bright and perfect. Light seals were replaced. Equipped with Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.7 standard prime in close to mint condition, with a quality 55mm UV filter and brand new generic front cap.  Lens glass is clear and free of scratches. All rings rotate smoothly, aperture blades are oil-free and function perfectly.  In addition, this set includes two more lenses: Quantaray 80-205mm telephoto zoom and Deitz 28mm wide-angle prime.  Both lenses function properly and in excellent condition, with scratch-free glass. Minor internal haze in the zoom lens. Minolta Auto132x flash unit in excellent condition is included, which syncs and fires properly when used with the camera. Original manual and a factory camera strap complete this value-loaded set. Beautiful, collector-grade camera.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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