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  • Minolta XD5 Chrome / Black Pigskin

    Excellent copy of Minolta XD5. Little brother to the flagship XD11, XD5 is missing just a couple of convenience features of this thought-after camera, at significant savings. Both models share design elements with Leica R4 and are an excellent choice for a student or advanced film shooter. Full user manual for this camera is available here. Shutter is smooth and quiet, fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind, timer and meter work properly (meter accuracy was not verified with film). Viewfinder is bright and clear. There is a couple of small faint clean marks in the field of view (left side), barely noticeable when viewed through the lens.  This camera has been finished in Black Pigskin leather, and looks classic and clean.  No dents or major scratches, this camera is very well preserved. Minor scuffs throughout the body were polished and don't detract from overall appearance - please see photos. Light seals and mirror bumper were replaced ($25 value). 

    This camera comes with two lenses: Minolta Rokkor-X PF 50mm f/1.7 standard prime and Albinar ADG 80-200mm f/3.9 Macro telephoto zoom. Both lenses are in excellent shape, with clear, scratch-free glass and minor internal dust (normal, will not affect optical quality). No dents, no fungus or oil on aperture blades, all rings rotate smoothly, aperture is snappy. In addition, a functional Vivitar 2600 flash unit is included, as well as Minolta body cap, quality Hoya UV filter, camera strap and set of fresh batteries are included. Versatile set, ready for all your film endeavors. 


    Free batteries with purchase!

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