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  • Pentax K1000 - Made In Japan

    Beautiful copy of Pentax K1000 - "Made in Japan" version. This popular camera had a very long production run, that started in 1976 and ended in 1990's. Asahi Pentax made K1000's in Japan only during the first two years of production. After early 1979, all production shifted to Hong Kong, and later to China. Latest made-in-China K1000's show obvious cost-cutting by Pentax, with many metal body parts replaced with plastic and inferior quality parts being used. These later cameras are missing "Asahi" logo from the prism cover. Made-in-Japan units can be distinguished from the cameras produced in Hong-Kong by small cosmetic differences, including a serial number that is engraved on the top (versus bottom in Hong-Kong made units). A few cameras (not all) will also have a country of origin engraved on the back as well. This version is one of the rarest and thought after by collectors.

    This particular camera was made in Japan (with "Japan"engraving on the back - the rarest!) and is in close-to-mint condition. Just a some tiny scratches on the top from normal use - no other cosmetic defects. The camera was fully cleaned and lubricated inside and out. Shutter fires properly, film advance, rewind and meter all work perfectly. Viewfinder and focusing screen are pristine. Light seals and mirror bumper are brand new ($25 value). The camera is equipped with fast SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 standard prime lens (made in Japan also). Glass is clear, no visible scratches or fungus. Focusing is smooth, aperture action is snappy. Aperture blades are free from oil.  Barrel is clean and dent-free, with just a small amount of paint loss close to the front rim and on the aperture scale. The lens comes with a Hoya Skylight filter and Asahi Pentax front cap. Original camera manual, leather Pentax camera case, fresh battery for the meter and a Pentax camera strap are included. Superior condition unit.

    that syncs and fires properly, when used with this camera (AA batteries not included).

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