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  • Pentax K1000 Chrome / Blue Dragonskin

    Classic Pentax K1000 film SLR, freshly restored and fully functional - perfect for a student or collector. One of the earliest units built in Hong Kong (ca. 1976), with corresponding factory engraving on the bottom and serial number on the top of the camera.


    Shutter, meter, film transport, timer all work properly. Brand new seals (including internal, around the prism) and mirror guard installed.


    A couple of shallow dents on the bottom, no other blemishes. Bright and clean lettering on the shutter speed dial. Pristine focusing screen and viewfinder. Minor discoloration on the shutter curtain (no effect on function). Original leatherette professionally replaced with genuine pigskin leather embossed in Blue Dragonskin pattern.


    Comes with: Pentax-A 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 normal zoom lens (made in Japan). Excellent shape, with no visible scratches on the optics. Aperture is snappy and blades are free from oil. Focusing and zoom action is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows minimal wear. One small dent on the front rim makes mounting of the filters a bit tight, but possible. Vivitar Haze filter and generic front cap are included. Vintage camera strap and Lowepro camera case. A fresh battery for the meter.

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