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  • Pentax K2 Chrome

    Pentax K2 was introduced in 1975 as a flagship camera with new Pentax K bayonet mount. Immediate predecessor to the venerable K1000, K2 is a more advanced film SLR. It features aperture priority shooting, electronic metal leaf shutter, mirror lock-up and selected shutter speed indicator in the viewfinder. Film speed dial is uniquely located in the mount, similar to Olympus OM series cameras.


    This particular SLR is in excellent condition. No dents or brassing on the body, original leatherette is flawless. A few small scratches on the winding lever cap. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, self-timer, rewind and meter work properly (meter accuracy was not verified). Viewfinder and focusing screen are clear and bright, witih just a couple of tiny specs of dust. There is a small smudge in the viewfinder lens, which will not affect performance. Light seals are brand new. The shutter speed indicator needle in the viewfinder appears misaligned with the scale by about 1 stop (aligns with 1/125 when 1/60 is set, etc.). The camera comes with an excellent copy of Pentax-M 50mm f/2.0. Lens glass is crystal clear, with no scratches or fungus. Barrel is clean and dent-free. Focusing is smooth, aperture action is snappy, blades are free from oil. Genuine Pentax front cap, Pentax strap and a set of rare vintage Asahi Pentax filters (skylight, close-up and polarizer) are included. In addition to the main lens, this set also includes a Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 wideangle prime in excellent condition, with both caps.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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