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  • Pentax KX Chrome

    Pentax KX film SLR, freshly serviced and fully functional - perfect for a student, guaranteed to work! This particular model is an "enhanced version" of the popular K1000. In addition to the K1000 standard features, it comes with a self-timer, depth-of-field preview, indication of selected shutter speed and aperture window in the viewfinder. Unlike K1000, KX was produced in Japan, which is indicated by the factory engraving on the back of the camera.


    Shutter, meter, self-timer and film transport all work properly (meter appears accurate, but was was not verified with film). Light seals and mirror guard has just been replaced to ensure years of trouble-free service.


    Good. No dents or major cosmetic blemishes. Some painted over areas on the film door and small scuffs throughout from normal use. Bottom plate has some chrome pitting and scratches around tripod mount. Viewfinder and focusing screen are bright with just a couple of tiny specs of dust, which will not affect performance. Original leatherette is in very good condition.



    • SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8 prime lens. Clear glass, no fungus, small amount of internal dust (normal, no effect on performance). Aperture is snappy, with minor traces of oil. The barrel of the lens shows average wear, no dents. Some paint loss on the front rim. Generic front cap are included.
    • FREE BONUS: Kiron 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 normal zoom lens. Excellent condition, clean, scratch-free glass, no oil on diaphragm, aperture is snappy. The barrel is intact, no dents. Generic front cap is included, as well as a nice quality 62mm UV filter. Fresh batteries for the meter.
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