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RICOH KR10 Super

  • Ricoh KR-10 Super Black

    Another under-rated camera, Ricoh KR-10 Super is an evolution of a popular KR10 and features LCD meter display, electronically controlled metal-leaf shutter with speeds from 1/1000s to 16s (!!) and aperture priority mode. This particular camera is in excellent condition: just a few small scuffs and brassing. It comes equipped with a Rikenon XR 50mm f/2.0 prime lens. Both the camera body and lens are made in Japan. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film transport and meter all work properly. Viewfinder is bright and clear, with just a few tiny specs of dust, which will not affect shooting. Light seals are brand new. Lens is close to mint, no blemishes on glass or fungus. Aperture blades are oil-free. Original Ricoh camera case (fair shape) is included. Great robust starter film SLR to use with your K-mount lenses.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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