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RICOH XR-5 Super

  • Ricoh XR-5 Super Black / Blue Frosted Snake

    Excellent copy of a basic Ricoh film SLR, similar to a ubiquitous Pentax K1000 - shutter fires without batteries, match-needle meter indicator and all. In fact, the only major difference is that the shutter speeds only go down to 1/8 sec. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, timer, film advance, rewind and meter all work properly. Viewfinder is nice and bright - just a few small specs of dust, which will not interefere with function. This camera was refinished in Blue Frosted Snake. This leather is a bit thicker than original leatherette and very pleasant to touch, suede-like - one of my personal favorites. Brand new light seals and mirror bumper were installed. Equipped with an Rikenon 50mm f/2.0 lens, but will of course accept any PK-mount lens. The lens is in close to mint condition, but there seems to be a small defect on the rear surface of the front element, which looks like several fine scratches in one area (see last photo). Since these are small and shallow, the optical performance of the lens will not be affected. Other than that - excellent, crystal-clear glass and clean barrel. Focusing and aperture action is smooth. Aperture blades are oil-free. Original Ricoh front cap and camera strap are included.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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