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  • Ricoh XR-S Black / Snakeskin

    Seldom available, Ricoh XR-S is a very unique camera. Years ahead of its time, it was made to use built-in mini solar elements on top cover in combination with a unique rechargeable battery to power the camera functions! Those batteries are no longer available, but the camera will work just fine on a set of regular button cells (included). The camera also features a very wide automatic shutter range (1/1000 to 16 sec!) and a robust metal shutter. Full user manual is available here.

    Normal signs of use on the body of this camera, consistent with age - minor scuffs throughout the body were polished and don't detract from overall appearance. Lettering on the dials is intact and bright. Shutter appears to fire properly at all speeds, film transport, timer and meter all work properly. Somewhat sharp winder release is helpful at the end of winding cycle - infrequently the camera will need a second push to fully wind. Viewfinder and focusing screen are bright, with just a few small specs of dust in the field of view, which will not affect your shooting. Original leatherette on this body was replaced with a stunning genuine lambskin leather in a shiny black-and-white Snakeskin pattern - very unique and compliments the camera very well, as can be seen from the photos. Light seals were just replaced with fresh foam for years of trouble-free shooting ($25 value). The camera comes with Ricoh camera strap in great shape, leather case (peeling a bit on the inside) and fresh batteries for the meter.

    This body is equipped with a Rikenon 50mm f/2 normal prime lens in Exc++ condition. Lens optics are clean and clear, no fungus or scratches. Aperture is free from oil and functions properly. The barrel shows almost no signs of use. Quality Vivitar UV filter and genuine Ricoh front cap are included. In this set we also include a Sakar power flash unit, which syncs and fires properly when used with the camera. Some minor scuffs on the flash, which don't affect the function in any way. Four AA batteries are required (no included).


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