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Silver Nak BX-150 cassette deck

Silver Nak BX-150 cassette deck



  • BX-150

    Probably the best two-head deck from Nakamichi back in 1984, this one in silver finish. Freq. response up to 20-20,000 Hz (Metal), Wow-Flutter 0.06%, S/N is 68dB with Dolby C.
    1. Brand new, high quality idler tire installed. Capstan belt is in good condition. Brand new capstan motor installed.
    2. Playback and record levels, VU meter level, capstan motor speed were adjusted to spec.
    3. Transport and heads cleaned and demagnetized. Heads are in great shape.
    4. Volume and rec level pots sprayed with de-Oxit and move without "scratching" sound.
    5. Capstan flywheel bearing and head block armature were cleaned and oiled/greased.
    6. All functions tested and verified to perform as designed, including record.
    Cosmetically 9.5/10. Minimal signs of use, no major scratches or scuffs. Comes with original box in average condition. No remote, manual or other accessories included.
    Returns accepted within 30 days.


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