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Yashica FX103

  • Yashica FX-103 Chrome / Pastel Lizard

    Yashica FX-103 Program with a standard prime lens, fully functional and tastefully customized. One of the most under-rated compact manual-focus film SLR's, successor to a very popular Yashica FX-D. Aperture-priority shooting, two program modes, as well as full range of manual shutter speeds, self-timer - this camera has everything you will need to shoot film. Like other FX- series Yashicas, FX-103 comes with a robust quartz-controlled Copal metal-leaf shutter and C/Y lens mount, which allows it to be used with used with many excellent Carl Zeiss, Contax and third party lenses. Excellent build quality, made in Japan.


    Shutter, meter, film transport, timer all work properly. Light seals and mirror guard are brand new.

    MINT-, no dents or major blemishes, just a few small scratches from normal use. Bright and clear lettering on the dials. Focusing screen and viewfinder are clear, with just a few tiny specs of dust (will not affect performance in any way). Original leatherette was professionally replaced with brand new Pastel Lizard leather.


    • Yashica ML 50mm f/2 prime lens (made in Japan). MINT- condition, clear glass, no scratches or fungus. Aperture is snappy and blades are oil-free. Focusing is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows minimal signs of use. Generic front cap included. Excellent, sharp prime, often compared to equivalent Zeiss product in optical quality.
    • Set of fresh batteries for the camera.
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