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Yashica FX-3

  • Yashica FX-3 Steel / Yellow Alligator

    This particular camera is one-of-a-kind. This is result of our first attempt to repaint body panels, and while not perfect, worked out pretty well!  One of the most basic film cameras, FX-3 will shoot without batteries! Equipped with a robust metal-leaf mechanical shutter and C/Y lens mount, compatible with a vast range of high quality Carl Zeiss, Yashica and third party lenses. Great camera for a beginner photographer, learning to shoot film properly.



    Shutter, meter, film transport, timer all work properly. Brand new seals and mirror guard installed for years of trouble-free operation.


    Very good. No dents or major scratches. Bright and clean lettering on the dials. Focusing screen and viewfinder are pristine. Original leatherette professionally replaced with genuine pigskin leather embossed in Yellow Alligator pattern. Bottom and top covers were re-sprayed in Dark Steel metallic rust-proof enamel and clear-coated. Yashica logo on the front was filled in with yellow enamel to match the new leather cover. NOTE: There are some finish blemishes (uneven paint in several areas, high and low spots), nothing major - please see photos.




    • Yashica ML 50mm f/2.0 prime lens in near-mint condition. No scratches on glass or fungus. Aperture is snappy and blades are oil-free. Focusing is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows practically no signs of use. Generic front and rear caps are included.  Camera strap and fresh batteries for the camera meter.
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