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Yashica FX-3

  • Yashica FX-3 Black / Brown Snakeskin

    Excellent fully manual film SLR, Yashica FX-3 is as basic and easy-to-use as they come. You can manually set the shutter from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec, check your exposure using two LEDs in the viewfinder, adjust lens aperture and shoot. The camera doesn't even need batteries to take photos (only needed for the meter), and will accept high-end Contax and Carl Zeiss lenses. Full user manual is available here.

    Body of this camera is in near mint - no dents or major scratches anywhere, paint is fresh. Shutter fires properly at all speeds, film transport, self-timer and meter all work properly. Viewfinder and focusing screen are dust-free and bright. Original deteriorated leatherette on this body was professionally replaced with brand new lambskin leather embossed with a Brown Snakeskin pattern. Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed. This camera comes with a Yashica DSB 50mm f/1.9 lens with clean and scratch-free glass, no fungus. There is some oil on the aperture blades, and the lens may have to be serviced soon to make sure that the aperture closes properly. The barrel shows practically no signs of use. Brand new generic front cap, fresh batteries for the meter and original camera strap are included. Great starter film camera at a bargain price.


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