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Yashica FX3 Super
  • Yashica FX3 Super Black / Sand Bomber

    Successor to Yashica FX3 - your basic quintessential Yashica. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind and meter all work great.  Viewfinder has a couple of specs of dust, nothing major. Comes with original Yashica eyecup. This camera was refinished in Sand Bomber leather, and light seals were replaced. Comes with Yashica ML 50mm f/1.9 lens. Lens glass is clear and free of scratches, however, there is a dent in the front rim, which you can see in the photos.  This doesnt affect the lens performance, but you can no longer mount a filter. All rings rotate smoothly, aperture is oil-free and works great, original Yashica front cap included.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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