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Yashica FX-7
  • Yashica FX-7 Chrome / Rust Snake suede

    One of the most basic, no-frills Yashica's in MINT condition. All you get in this camera is full manual exposure control and +/- LED indicators for exposure in the viewfinder. This camera really makes you think, perfect for learning basics of photography. While it takes 2 button cells to operate the meter, robust metal-leaf Copal shutter will fire without power. In this camera, shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind and meter all work properly.  Viewfinder and focusing screen are pristine - not a spec of dust. This camera was refinished in Rust Snake genuine cowhide suede. Light seals and mirror bumper are brand new. Equipped with a pristine copy of Yashica ML 42-75mm f/3.5-4.5 standard zoom lens.  Lens glass is crystal clear and free of scratches. All rings rotate smoothly, and aperture blades are oil free. The camera comes with the factory manual fpor both body and lens, yashica leatherette camera case, strap as well as Yashica CS-14 compact flash (works great). In addition, a set of Sears 52mm lens filters (made in Japan) is included. Wonderful quintessential set to use with your collection of Yashica or Carl Zeiss glass.


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