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Yashica FX-7

  • Yashica FX-7 / Sand Dot

    Yashica FX-7 is identical to FX-3 except for body color (chrome vs black). Excellent no-frills film SLR, very straight-forward to use. You can manually set the shutter from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec, check your exposure using +/- LEDs in the viewfinder, adjust lens aperture and shoot. The camera doesn't even need batteries to take photos (only needed for the meter), and will accept high-end Contax and Carl Zeiss lenses. Full user manual is available here.

    Body of this camera is well preserved - no major scuffs or paint loss, just a couple of superficial dents inside film door. Shutter fires properly at all speeds, film transport, self-timer and meter work as designed. Viewfinder and focusing screen are dust-free and bright. Original deteriorated leatherette on this body was professionally replaced with Black Ostrich embossed genuine leather - very classy and pleasant to hold. Brand new light seals and mirror guard were installed. This camera comes with two lenses: Yashica ML 50mm f/2.0 normal prime and Aubell 85-210 f/4.5 telephoto zoom. Both lenses have clear, scratch-free glass, no fungus. No oil visible on the aperture blades, the action is snappy. The barrels show minimal wear. Generic caps for both lenses, Yashica camera strap and a dedicated case for the zoom lens are included. Excellent value in this made-in-Japan film SLR, great to learn photography.


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