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Yashica FXD Quartz

  • Yashica FXD Chrome / Black Frosted Snake

    Ergonomic and compact, Yashica FX-D is a pleasure to use, highly under-rated film SLR. Reliable metal leaf shutter, full range of manual shutter speeds with bright and easy-to-read LED exposure scale in the viewfinder, aperture priority mode, exposure lock, timer - this little camera has everything you will ever need to enjoy shooting film. Arguably the best designed camera of the Yashica FX-series, it shares a lot of features with a Contax 139. In addition to Yashica branded glass, Contax and Carl Zeiss lenses can also be mounted on this camera, which makes it attractive cost-effective alternative to Contax bodies. Full user manual is available here. Body of this camera is in EXC+ condition - no major scratches or dents. Lettering on the dials is sharp and bright. Shutter fires properly at all speeds, film transport, timer and meter all work properly. Viewfinder and focusing screen are dust-free and bright. Original leatherette on this body was just replaced with genuine suede in Black Frosted Snake pattern - very pleasant to the touch, with a unique grippy texture. Light seals and mirror guard were replaced ($25 value). Fresh batteries for the meter were just installed. The camera is equipped with a Yashica ML 50mm f/2 lens. ML-series prime lenses are highly regarded, sometimes compared to Carl Zeiss product in image quality. Lens optics are clean and clear, no fungus or scratches. Aperture is free from oil and functions properly. The barrel shows minimal signs of use. There are a couple of shallow dents on the front rim, which DO NOT interfere with filter mounting. Lens comes with two filters - UV and circular polarizer, and a brand new generic front cap. This particular unit also comes with a rare Yashica FX winder in excellent working condition, clean and refinished in matching leather. There is a small chip on the body of the winder (front side, close to the battery cap), which doesn't affect its function. Original camera strap, body cap and Yashica CS-14 compact flash are included. The flash syncs and fires properly (requires 2xAA batteries -not included). Beautiful made-in-Japan film SLR bundle, at a fraction of a Canon or Nikon cost.

    Japan film SLR bundle, at a fraction of a Canon or Nikon cost.


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