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Yashica FXD Quartz

  • Yashica FXD Quartz Black / Brown leather

    Ergonomic and compact, Yashica FX-D is a pleasure to use, highly under-rated film SLR. Reliable metal leaf shutter, full range of manual shutter speeds with bright and easy-to-read LED exposure scale in the viewfinder, aperture priority mode, exposure lock, timer - this little camera has everything you will ever need to enjoy shooting film. Arguably the best designed camera of the Yashica FX-series, it shares a lot of features with a Contax 139. In addition to Yashica branded glass, Contax and Carl Zeiss lenses can also be mounted on this camera, which makes it attractive cost-effective alternative to Contax bodies. Full user manual is available here.

    Body of this camera is in VG condition - see photos. A few shallow scuffs on the top and bottom from normal use, a couple of visible scratches on the back door (over film speed window) - nothing major. Lettering on the dials is crisp and bright. Functionally the camera is perfect - shutter fires properly at all speeds, film transport, timer and meter all work great. Viewfinder and focusing screen are bright and clear.  Light seals and mirror guard were replaced ($25 value). Original leatherette on this body was professionally replaced with brown genuine leather.

    This camera comes with a wide-angle prime lens - Yashica YUS 28mm f/2.8 with clear, scratch-free glass and oil-free, snappy aperture. Barrel is clean and dent-free; the rubberized focusing ring is a bit discolored. Generic front lens cap, fresh batteries for the meter and a camera strap are included. Excellent value in this made-in-Japan film SLR, great to learn photography.



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