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Yashica J-7 & J-P

  • Yashica J-7 & J-P

    A set of two nice vintage Yashica film SLRs from 1960's: J-7 and J-P , in excellent cosmetic condition. These robust cameras are equipped with fully-mechanical shutters and M42 screw-type lens mounts, compatible with Takumars and other fine lenses. Made in Japan quality!


    Shutter and film transport and timers all work properly (J-P's shutter seems too fast at speeds slower than 1/15 sec). Brand new seals and mirror guard installed in J-7, mirror guard replaced in J-P. CdS Meter in J-7 seems to respond to light and battery check, but is likely inaccurate (untested). J-P is not equipped with a built-in meter, accessory meter is not included. Cold-shoe flash mounts are included for both cameras.


    Both cameras re in EXC++ cosmetic shape, no dents or major blemishes. Markings on the shutter speed dials are bright and legible. Focusing screen and viewfinder are dust-free. Original leatherette is in very good shape (one small nick on the J-P's front). there is some wrinkling on J-P's the shutter curtain.



    • Yashica Yashinon 50mm f2.8 prime lens in VG condition. Clear glass, no scratches or fungus. There are traces on oil on the aperture, but this doesn't seem to impede function. Focusing is smooth. The barrel of the lens shows average signs of use, consistent with age, no dents.
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