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If you are reading this, the odds are you are like me. You think that old film cameras are beautiful examples of elegant engineering and design and are worth preserving - not unlike a quality vintage watch, pen or automobile.


I created Halcyon with a single purpose: to bring back to life as many vintage film cameras as I can and make them available both to collectors and those who simply enjoy the proccess of film photography. I purchase restorable cameras at auctions and other sources and hand-refurbish them using quality materials and a lot of elbow grease. Cameras I choose to work on are not necessarily top-of-the-line models. In fact, majority of models I restore are fairly basic and offer the best value in a given system, in my opinion. Often, limited features is what also makes them more robust than some of the more advanced models.  Most of the cameras I work on date back to the 70's and 80's. They typically have only basic electronics built-in and require manual winding of film (unless equipped with a separate battery-powered winder).


As a long time Pentax user, I have come to appreciate a wide variety of high-quality lenses that were made available in PK mount over the last 40 years. Because of this, I enjoy working on cameras that can utilize these lenses (Ricoh, Chinon, etc). I also like working on Yashica cameras - again, because of their relative simplicity, coupled with some outstanding glass available in C/Y mount - including Contax and Zeiss. Having said this, I am perfectly willing to work on your favorite camera - whatever it is - just send me a note.

Vintage cameras have lead a rich life. As a result of prior use, they may have lost small amounts of paint around corners, door frames, film advance levers, etc.  I dont repaint metal (or plastic), just clean it. I like to think of it as vintage patina, which adds unique character to each camera. On average, it takes me 3-4 hours of labor to bring a camera back to a condition you see here, with a spotless exterior, fresh light seals and shiny new leather skin. Why leather? Because it provides a much more luxurious tactile experience than any synthetic material. I promise that you will enjoy every moment of holding your camera and bringing it to your face to take a picture. While most of the covers I make are leather, I do provide a few high-quality vinyl options as well, for those looking for a bit more durability. All skins are unique, fitted to each camera and hand-cut. This means that no cameras I sell are the same. I pride myself on taking the time and effort to get everything to the absolute best fit and condition possible, paying attention to the smallest details. It is unlikely you will find cleaner restored cameras available for purchase elsewhere. If you are not happy with my work, I will try my hardest to fix it or gladly buy it back from you.


All lens-equipped cameras are supplied with a UV filter, front cap and a hot shoe cover, unless pictured otherwise. I even include a fresh set of batteries with each camera purchase. Just get a fresh roll of film, and start shooting!



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