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Below are the leather and leatherette (vinyl) options we currently have in stock. All of these are first-grade materials, that vary in the amount of sheen and grain - please refer to the photos on this page, as well as photos of the cameras we have in stock, to get a good idea of what they look like. They also differ in "feel" or "temper" - some are smooth and soft, others feel firmer in your hands. Unless specifically said otherwise, all leathers are cowhide. Majority of cowhide leather is 0.8-1.1mm thick, and has a plush feel. Embossed pigskin and lambskin leathers (Alligator, Lizard and Ostrich) are thinner (0.5-0.7mm). Of these, lambskins are soft and pigskins are relatively firm. These  leathers are a closer match to original leatherette thickness (typically 0.3-0.5mm). "Frosted Snake" leathers have a grippy texture that is suede-like.  If you are ordering custom restoration of your own camera, please include the leather product number with your order. We update our material inventory periodically - not all types maybe available at any given time. We can also re-skin your camera in a leather supplied by a customer - please email us for details.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to compare Black Pigskin and Black Smooth Leatherette (vinyl) options. These are two of the most frequently requested covers, since they match typical black leatherette. Pigskin is on the left (larger, 12x12" piece) and vinyl on the right. The vinyl is softer and has more "give", and has a very uniform, small pebble grain. Pigskin is firmer to the touch, with more varied grain and a little more shine.

Black Pigskin vs Black Smooth Leatherette (vinyl):

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