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  • Minolta XD5 Chrome / Black Ostrich

    Minolta XD5 film SLR, fully functional with new light seals and genuine suede skin. This particular camera has a couple of small cosmetic blemishes - your chance to get a quality film SLR at a bargain price, with a fast lens to boot. Co-developed with Leica, XD series cameras were revolutionary at the time and is still widely considered to among the best film cameras Minolta ever produced. They were the first Minolta SLRs to feature automated shutter-priority mode. "Little brother" to the flagship XD11, XD5 is missing just a couple of convenience features of this thought-after camera, in an arguably more robust package. Both models share design elements with Leica R4 and are an excellent choice for a student or advanced film shooter.


    Shutter, meter, self-timer and film transport work properly (meter accuracy has not been verified with film). Brand new light seals and mirror guard installed.

    Very good. Overall very-well preserved body with one dent and a small crack on the top corner - please see photos. Just a touch of brassing on the door hinge. Bright and sharp lettering on the dials, with a few small scuffs. Focusing screen and viewfinder are dust-free, but there are some old cleaning marks on the focusing screen. This is purely cosmetic and will not affect performance of the camera or quality of photos. Original leatherette was professionally replaced with genuine suede in Frosted Black Snake pattern - beautiful and very pleasant to hold.


    • Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 prime lens in very good condition. Clear glass, no fungus. There is one small blemish on the front glass (minor coating loss) and minor internal dust, neither of which will affect optical performance. Aperture is snappy, blades are oil-free. Focusing is smooth. The barrel shows average signs of use, with some paint loss, mostly on the front rim. Comes with a generic front cap. Excellent fast prime - will produce quality shots for you.
    • Set of fresh batteries.
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