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  • Minolta XGM Chrome / Custom Leather

    Arguably, the best SLR in the Minolta XG series - customized to your personal taste.  Excellent student or beginner film camera:  full manual shutter control, LED meter and aperture indication in the viewfinder - really 99% of shooters will be happy with the features of this camera. The body of the camera is in excellent condition, with no major scratches, dents or paint loss. Shutter fires accurately at all speeds, film advance, rewind and meter all work properly. Viewfinder is clear with just a few specs of dust showing - no effect on image quality. Light seals are brand new. Original leatherette on the body is in excellent condition as well, but we can customize the camera for you using any of the available leathers we have in stock - free of charge!


    We can match the camera with one of the two Minolta standard lenses - MD Rokkor-X 45mm f/2.0 or MD 50mm f/2.0 - let us know which one you prefer.  Lens glass is clear and free of scratches. All rings rotate smoothly, aperture blades are oil-free, no fungus. Minolta strap is included with the camera.


    Free batteries with purchase!

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